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Holiday Property Inventory Management Services for Holiday Home Owners across Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and London.


Our bespoke holiday home or holiday rental inventory and property inspection service can help take some of the stress out of owning or renting out a holiday property.


Holiday Rental Inventories


Holiday home owners take a great risk every time they let their homes to a stranger and the short-term nature of this rental means that few of the protections of a longer term letting can be put in place. 

As such it is vital that you have a detailed inventory and photographic record carried out at the start of each letting season by a professional. Inventory Clerk Solutions can prepare this holiday rental inventory for you in a format that you can use for each new rental and update yourself throughout the season. Thereby assisting you in claiming for any breakages, losses or in the worst case extensive damage.  


Holiday Home or Rental Inspections


As a holiday home owner we understand that it may be impractical for you to visit your holiday property regularly. Therefore our holiday home inspections can give you piece of mind, especially during periods of unoccupancy and bad weather. Checks can be carried out at what ever intervals you like or just on an ad hoc basis. 

Our holiday home inspections cover everything from damage, forced intrusion, pests, damp and leaks and a full report with photographs will be emailed to you within 24 hours or we will contact you sooner should emergency action be required.     


** Contact us today to discuss your requirements you will find us helpful and flexible. Prices from only £20! **